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The Art of Tai Chi - Discovery Of Our Inner World

How much are we taking care of our body and how? How can Tai Chi help?

How much time can we give to gain knowledge of our inner processes and recognising our energies? If we feel that we lack of the above mentioned aspects, the most attractive solution is the Tai Chi. Zum Video...

Education: About the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University

EsoGuru is delighted to offer its platform for everyone who would like to follow the historical moments about the Launch of the revolutionary Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University! A University which is about empowering students by developing their skillset, mindset and heartset!

"For the first time in history, one generation—today's young generation—holds the key to the greatest challenge our species has faced since it proudly named itself homo sapiens. This is the challenge of change—of profound, timely, and conscious change." Ervin Laszlo

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