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Ganga Mira: Whatever You Can Describe is Surely Not IT

Dieses Interview mit Ganga Mira führte Andreas Hegewald aka ANdy mit ihr im Juli 2016 in Englisch.


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The true nature of things; the background which allows the appearances; the seeker story of Ganga; the decision to find a living Socrates; sitting everyday at five at the bank of the river Ganga; whatever activity Ganga and Papaji had, it was like Satsang; not landing anywhere; the disappearing of the I; if you are a seeker, the first confusion is to believe that you are a seeker; whatever you can describe is surely not it; one trouble with meditation is, there is a meditator; a solid background of clarity; personal love; naturally loving each other; not selling one´s soul for this love; what is, always there, reveals itself; grasping the mind, the concepts, it looks like veiling it and that´s why there is a search; you can not impose that, it comes to you, you don´t know how, once it´s there, you can not suppress it also; devotion to the master; it is the pointing out which is the master; the illusion to think that we are born; what is, is not even unborn; a wonderful interview for both, ANdy and Ganga.


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Ganga Mira: Keeping Quiet – Where We Always Have Been

Dieses Interview mit Ganga Mira führte Devasetu im Oktober 2015 übers Internet in Englisch mit ihr.


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About the name „Ganga“; the joy to speak about what cannot be spoken of; the I as a concept of body mind; the question from where the I comes; first to see what is the mind; the identification with the rising I; in Satsang to question the basing concept of the I; keeping quiet; not to grasp whatever the mind tells; about the desire to be free; being aware to be not the body mind; the fire to be free; to drop the believe to be right now not one self; the joy of seeing somebody freeing himself; the gratefulness of Ganga to her master Papaji; about invitations to Ganga to come to give Satsang; about the “free” will or “free” choice; the advise to “never trust the mind” before enlightenment; being vigilant; whatever arises is untrue by nature; important is to be oneself; keeping quiet, where we always have been; not catching the thoughts; no seeking for bliss; the wish, that everybody who comes to Satsang release that they are already themselves; about peace and war as part of duality; Ganga’s first meeting of Papaji in 1968; nothing than Satsang alive; surrendering to a master or to life, about the differences; “guru-hopping”; to follow the indications of the master; Ganga’s being a friend to the people who are coming to her; hard on illusory believes.

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Ganga Mira

Ganga Mira traf ihren Meister Shree H.W.L. Poonjaji - von seinen Anhängern Papaji genannt - 1968 am Ufer des Ganges in Indien. Sie war damals 20 Jahre alt und lebte anschließend viele Jahre mit ihm in Indien. Papaji war Schüler von Shree Ramana Maharshi, der die Erforschung des Selbst durch die Frage "Wer bin ich?" begründete.

Seit 1998 gibt Ganga Mira Satsang. Über Ihre Arbeit sagt sie: "Wer Du wirklich bist, bist Du genau jetzt, deshalb kann es nie vom Verstand beschrieben, benannt, gekannt, gefühlt oder erfahren werden. Dies ist in einer Sekunde realisiert."

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Ganga lebt in Portugal, gibt aber gelegentlich Satsang an anderen Orten. Mehr Information unter 



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