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Ramesh Balsekar: The Will of God

These video recordings are from November 2008 from a Talk with Ramesh at Bombay. For more DVDs of Daily Talks of Ramesh see:


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Every body-mind-organism has certain genes and conditionings; no control or choice concerning ones preferences and doing; being at ease whatever happens in life is happiness; Ramesh's story as a traditional Hindu seeker and his two basic questions: What is enlightenment and what will it do for him that he did not have before?; about his decision only to pursue happiness; happiness has nothing to do with the pleasures in life, but with ones attitude towards the other whoever the other is; ones actual attitude towards the other based on personal welfare, suspicion, fear and rivalry has to be changed into a totally harmonious attitude; Ramesh's conclusion that it is not possible to have a totally harmonious attitude towards everyone and his perception that it is stupid to search for happiness in life.

The basis of life is uncertainty; Ramesh's conclusion: the source does not want us to be happy; the answer from the source: to be happy is every human being's birth right, this is based on only one factor which also is the basis of every religion: quote from the bible „Thy will be done“; nothing can happen unless it is the will of God according to the cosmic law; enlightenment means to accept this totally; no certified enlightened person - only one's own concept; Ramesh's suffering ended in a minute when perceiving that noone is capable of doing anything; the absence of suffering means the presence of happiness; how Ramesh's Guru Nisargadatta gave him the order to talk; many masters tell that enlightenment means the end of the ego - but even totally enlightened sages still respond to their names – the ego must exist; Ramesh's concept: enlightenment means that the sense of personal doership has been totally removed; the sage continues to live his life as a separate entity, but with total acceptance that every deed is a happening of God's will according to the cosmic law.

The ego is a three-dimensional body-mind-object through which the source of consciousness functions and brings about whatever is supposed to happen according to God's will; the source is ego-identified with every seperate entitiy, by divine hypnosis we are about to think that we are acting; the source is always connected to us; when the sense of doership has been removed the ego has become an enlightened ego; as soon as the ego which exists until the body is dead accepts that it is not doing anything it is no more afraid of God; to live ones life according to the rules of the game of life – enjoy pleasure, suffer pain; unhappyness through the thought that I or the other is the doer; nothing to be done to make ones acceptance total; Ramesh's personal investigation of a particular action asking: Did I decide to do that action at any time?; no control concerning the circumstances - always the same answer: I simply cannot be the doer; at a time according to the cosmic law total acceptance happens; Ramesh's suggestion to be comfortable when investigating and only to do it when you feel like it.

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Über Ramesh Balsekar (in Englisch):

A commerce graduate from the University of London, Ramesh S. Balsekar worked as the General Manager of a leading nationalized Bank and retired as its President in 1977. Even during his working life, he always felt he was enacting some role in a play that must, and would, end soon. Deep within, he believed that there had to be more to life than merely getting ahead of the other man.

What was he seeking? The answer came soon after his retirement when he had an encounter, which soon led to daily meetings, with the well-known sage, and his Guru, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. The total understanding that 'no one does anything' happened in 1979. Ramesh began translating most of the daily talks held by Nisargadatta Maharaj. He himself began teaching in 1982. The 'command' to talk was given by his Guru. These talks or 'conversations' began on the day when an Australian man showed up at his door early one morning. The next day, this Australian returned with a few of his friends. Gradually, the number of visitors who came to listen to Ramesh began to grow. Since then, he has written over 20 books and held several seminars in Europe and the USA and, while he is in Mumbai, the talks continue every morning at his residence. As Ramesh says, "No one is invited, and everyone is welcome."

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