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Aufzeichnungen von Live Satsangs mit Mooji

Mooji: Forget about Enlightenment

Mooji: The Self is Something We Cannot Touch

Dieses Interview machte Reinhold mit Mooji im Mai 2013 via Internet in Englisch.


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Genuine urge and commitment to find truth; the whole universe supports the discovery of truth; working out complications of individual situation; being pulled by a force; bypassing the individual mind; surrendering as response to this force; following guided meditations as useful tool; mind’s resistance to silence; fusion of identity with mind, conditioning and upbringing; feeling the distinction between identity and pure being; psychological mind has a lot of terrifying stories which prevent from silence; unexpected pain can happen during meditations; the mind’s strong believe that it cannot be as simple as it is; consciousness as person must go through all rooms in order to come out in an empty room; grasping truth inside the heart is not so simple; something is here – but it is not a person; the pure perceiving is earlier than the notion of a perceiver; physical concepts can remove the myth of a person; no control over what the body can feel; thoughts were never the problems; any phenomenon is not stable; there is one earth but there are billions of worlds; conversing about ego projections only; the Self is something we cannot touch; being free to not being anything; slimming down to be able to go through the narrow opening; the coming back of the mind after a glimpse; do not fool around with spirituality; the help of someone who has done it during the liberation process; you have to overcome the world; suffering is instrumental in the search for truth; it is out of the painful that we grow; the intensity of pain helps to awaken what is beyond pain; underneath all there is joy; going into the issues instead of fighting them; suffering is always personal; walk away from yourself; being happy by not being concerned about future; the whole of the world in my head is out of date; find that which has no date; mind is afraid of the life that is inexplicable; we are seeing the world that we are interested in; two kinds of desire; when there is not person in work it becomes a pure expression of consciousness; relationships are fine without the ego; not knowing what it is all about; a very simple inner environment; the unbroken joy inside; the difficulty of talking about truth is misunderstanding; guided meditations are suitable to bypass the risk of being misunderstood; helping the mind to distinguish between phenomenal life and the state of presence; if the mind is able to recognize the true place the conditionings burn by themselves; immerse the mind in an atmosphere where this understanding can be established deeper, current status of Monte Sahaja; camping retreat; recommendation for retreats if being pulled towards.


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Mooji: The Imageless Ocean of Pure Being

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Mooj: The Joy and the Freedom of Being

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Mooji: Keep Quiet and Hold on to Your Being

Dieses Interview führte Yamika mit Mooji in London. Es filmte Maren.

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Über Mooji

Anthony Paul Moo-Young (Mooji) wurde am 29. Januar 1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica geboren. Er zog 1969 nach England und lebt momentan in Brixton (London).

Anthony arbeitete viele Jahre als Straßen-Portraitist im Londonner 'West End'. Dann als Maler und Künstler und später als Lehrer am Brixton College. Lange Zeit war er unter dem Namen "Tony Moo" bekannt, wird heute von den vielen Besuchern und Freunden aber nur noch Mooji genannt.

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