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Mahima: Sit Back and Enjoy the Movie

Dieses Interview führte Devasetu mit Mahima im März 2014 über Internet in Englisch.


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In one session from suffering to joy in Poona; discovering the spiritual side not connected to god; joy to be alive; Osho’s energy made a big impression on Mahima; own meditating style for two times two hours daily; meditation as living in the moment; starting to connect to the moment through sitting in the beginning; being in the moment – what it means; not trying to escape; being with every experience; focusing on feelings; trying to feel a little bit more relaxed, open, loving; decreasing the focus on negativity; direction of meditation; knowing who you are; taking life as it comes; stay with what remains; bliss can become available; the ego is as real as the world; sit back and enjoy the movie; the pull to find an enlightened teacher; the ego is the human body; both Osho and Papaji had their ego; being infinite nothingness and human beings at the same time; awakening does not take you beyond being a human being; continuous learning even of enlightened ones; life is becoming easier and easier; the challenge of staying committed to bring it into every moment of life; no importance if people stayed with Osho or Papaji; America is way ahead of Europe regarding meditation being mainstream; brining love and positive states into work life;  master of meditation; introducing people into meditation; getting in touch with something powerfully beautiful; effortlessness of meditation; importance of leadership; improving the energy and the dynamics of the companies through every tool available with Mahima; stunning how effortless the process can be; checking the readiness if the fire is burning in the client; getting the client fired up; never loosing enthusiasm of learning and growing; merging spiritual awakening with daily life; gratitude every single day; being connected with everyone in the world; digging a little bit deeper and finding the truth of everyday life; about Mahima’s book; finding a simple language; living meditation is what the book is all about.


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​​​Mahima Lucille Klinge is Meditation Master and Founder of Love Silence. Her impressive presences gained from 20 years of meditation training and experience makes her an extremely effective and engaging Teacher, Workshop Leader, Personal Coach and Motivational Speaker. She is the Author of the daring Book “A Rebel's Guide to Inner Peace.” Own this book

Mahima is a Zimbabwean born native now living in Switzerland. She has dedicated her entire adult life to learning and sharing everything she has mastered in the art of joyful living in the now.


"When I first discovered the ​transformative power​​ of meditation, in just a few heart beats, it totally changed my thought and emotional patterns and the way I chose to live my life. Something empowering, happy, ​passionate and loving had been dormant in me and suddenly awoke! The experience left me, simply put, in a state of pure bliss and ecstasy.


​Everyone has access to this potential within themselves, however unless that potential is fed by the best beliefs, attitudes, support and resources, it remains an untapped source. I have developed a special combination of meditation techniques that act as power tools to unlock that potential and rapidly enhance personal development.


Through the amazing guidance of powerful teachers, Osho and H.W.L.Poonja I had magically taken a quantum leap out of my personal suffering. Their passion and enthusiasm for awakening others to this knowledge of inner bliss was unparalleled to anything else I had ever experienced. It was highly contagious and I caught their fever!” Mahima 


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Letzte Aktualisierung: 6. April 2014


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